Thịt heo xay là dùng miếng thịt heo còn tươi và đem xay nhuyễn

Minced pork is the fresh pork ground by a blender with the percentage of lean meat and fat decided by users. The cuts used for minced pork the most are tenderloin, rump, or pork belly. CJ Vina Agri's minced pork allows customers to freely choose delicious dishes for a simple but flavorful meal for their family.

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A pig’s trotter is considered as the best cut of the pig
Marrowbones are is the bones in the front and hind legs of the pig
Pork tail is the last part of a pig
Pork tail bone is the bone that runs along the spine, next to the pork tail
Pork neck bone is the bone removed from a pig's neck
Pork belly is familiar to any housewife
Boneless pork belly is the meat left in the belly of a pig
Rib tips are a cut from the fifth rib to the end of a pig’s breast bone
Pork rind, also known as pork skin, is the skin of a pig
Back ribs are a cut with bigger harder bones and less meat than rib tips